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My name is Kellie Sandefur and I am the blessed owner of Velma’s Candy on the square in Lynchburg, Tennessee. I grew up in Lynchburg and have so many wonderful memories living in this small, southern town. Looking back, most of my childhood experiences happened in a very special place, V&J Market. Velma and Johnny Rives were my precious grandparents and they owned the tiny little grocery store two doors down from us (where the Harley Davidson store is now). Grandpa was the butcher and pimento sandwich maker and Grandma was the Bookkeeper and check stand Darling. Always smiling and always ready to spoil her grand-babies with a free pass to the candy aisle. Grandma would give us (and any friend lucky enough to walk in with us) a little brown paper bag and tell us to help ourselves to whatever we wanted. Those words were like music to a kid’s ears. Candy cigarettes, marathon bars, bottlecaps, penny candy…you name it V&J had it. Those were such wonderful memories. When the opportunity came to buy my own store, it didn’t take long to come up with the perfect name. “Velma’s Candy” is a tribute to a simpler time. A tribute to a couple who loved the community they served all those years ago. A tribute to a precious grandmother who didn’t mind losing money on candy as long as her grand-babies were happy. My hope for Velma’s Candy is that memories will be sparked as you revisit some of the nostalgic candy we have on our shelves. Much of it is the same candy we stuffed into those little brown bags at V&J Market. I also hope that memories will be made as you experience a little mix of nostalgia mixed with true southern hospitality. Come see us.

Kellie Hope Sandefur – Owner